Open Simple Token

What if bad validators purposefully proposed wrong transition object on origin and commit meta-block?


Validators on auxiliary chain cast vote for a valid transition object, but the same validator proposed wrong transition object on origin and group of bad validators decides to commit meta-block (with 2/3 majority vote) with wrong transition object.

How origin chain will come to know about this scenario?

Specifically, wrong transition object in the context means invalid auxiliary block-hash and dynasty.


If validators collude, there is currently no defense mechanism to prevent the commit of a faulty meta-block. Mosaic (like Casper FFG) is built on the assumption that no more than 1/3 of the validators act badly.

There is ongoing research to verify off-chain computation on-chain. E.g. TrueBit, which is also used (in one form or another) in Plasma Leap and other scaling solutions.

However, none of these solve for the problem that if colluding validators produce fake blocks and commit them, a simple computational proof by finding the single conflicting computation with a binary search cannot be done, as the block contents are unknown to the potential challengers.