Open Simple Token

Preliminary draft of Mosaic paper


Hi all,

Last month we talked for the first time publicly (eg. slides and video) about OpenST Mosaic as a layer-2 protocol for asynchronously finalising transactions on Ethereum while the bulk of the work can be done on auxiliary systems like side-chains. This allows us to run openst.js at scale to build token economies on Ethereum.

The past months we’ve been building progressive proof-of-concepts of Mosaic on Today we wanted to share with you already a preliminary draft of the logic upon which we have been iterating with the code, and as we begin stabilisation we welcome review from the community.

That’s also why we set up this discourse forum: to give a home to more in-depth discussions and for our team to have our technical discussions outwards as we mature the foundational layers of OpenST.

You can find (the draft version of) the paper going forward in the repository, where we will also update it. [edit: direct download link]

Specifically section 2 describes the Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus rules to construct a meta-blockchain. Review and questions welcomed.

Mosaic is a parallelisation schema for decentralized applications. Mosaic introduces a set of Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus rules to compose heterogeneous blockchain systems into one another. Decentralized applications can use Mosaic to compute over a composed network of multiple blockchain systems in parallel.