Open Simple Token

How change in validator's weight happens due to violation of slashing condition is propagated to auxiliary chain?



Anyone can propose contradicting vote on origin stake contract and punish a validator.
If a validator is punished for bad behavior, it’s stake is slashed.


  1. Change in stake/weight due to slashing should reflect with current meta-block.
  2. The kernel is already finalized on an auxiliary chain.

Question: how this information will be transferred to the auxiliary chain for the current open meta-block?


Slashing should actually be done on origin and auxiliary independent of each other so that all voting rights are retracted as soon as possible.

For that reason, there will be two slash methods: one on the Stake contract on origin and one on the PollingPlace contract on auxiliary.

Validators are incentivized to call both methods and slash a validator as soon as they see bad behavior. They don’t want to allow a potential attacker to cast votes.